Conduction System Pacing

What is HIS bundle pacing?

The bundle of His is a group of fibers that carry electrical impulses through the center of the heart. Normally, heartbeat generated in the top chamber of the heart travels down to the bottom chambers through this specialized electrical wiring called Bundle of His. If there is electrical wiring discase between the top and bottom chambers of the heart, which is often the case in patients needing pacemakers. His Bundle Pacing offers a superior and safer option for pacing the heart.

Traditional pacemakers use wires that are tunneled via blood vessels and attached to the heart muscle to simulate heart beats. Using traditional pacemakers might cause or worsen heart failure in some patients.

His bundle pacing is a physiological way to stimulate the heart, this kind of pacemaker prevents development of heart failure compared to using traditional pacemakers.
In summary, His Bundle Pacing is like rewiring the electrical wire of the heart, so it beats the way it is supported.

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